The Geo Peolitical AI War Has Begun

The Techn-o-ligarchy that have become bigger, more influential{elections}, and even resourceful than many countries in the world today. Existing as a separate entity, hovering above the chess board where there are no borders; Their only instinctual appetite of business model, Controlling Capital. Capital being financial, digital, physical, homosapien, spiritual.Global-Language-Archive-01-5a8ef138f0ef2 And the race is on. The biggest tech monopolies that have built their respective businesses largely on human capital, data extraction, and using that data to build their infrastructure in a way to harvest further on the human populations, while diverting all gained capital to private causes. Julian Asange is out there even warning people on his farewell Embassy address before they shut him out in utter darkness from the rest of the world.

These same corporations, these tech corp-gop-olies, with the power of small efficient countries, have put most of their vast future resources into artificial intelligence landscape so to speak. They are predicting the advancement of the future. Already Eric Schmidt the former CEO of Google has predicated a split of the internet in two; A Chinese vision of the internet and a US& Block internet. As Assange explains in detail these competitors will be fueled by the urge to increase productivity of advancing AI technology, and the competing supra states will create global tensions. He predicts a release at some point by a variety of different measures one being war.

Of course the Tech-Corps have no moral reservations of building the beast that would be the enslavement of humanity. As Putin says the one who wins the AI race will be the ruler of the world. The Tech-Corps have always harvested on their hosts.

1. Facebook founder famously quoted as calling his users “dumb fuckers”. Facebook whistleblower admitting their products are designed to addict people and prey on their depression.Oculus-Rift-Mark-Zuckerberg-Parody.jpg.optimal.jpg

2. Apple bosses not letting their children use significant technology until adolescence and having structured off periods. Because they know their products are addictive, they designed them that way.images.jpg

3. Google is a spy network partially funded by Pentagon secret programs.googlespying_0.jpg

4. And Amazon, the company the author personally feels the most people would defend. The author raises this one point: Jeff Bezos funds the Washington Post, their motto Democracy Dies In Darkness. This is one of the most backwards, Orwellian, weaponized propaganda news front organizations openly operating in America today. So no the Tech-Corps have no problem enslaving you. Bezos and his rockets are building a breakaway paradise and peasants are not invited.blu.jpgbezos-empire-featured.png

They are joining forces with government executive branches to do it. Sharing the pie.

5. Google now operating in China, enforcing their Communist censoring protocols. National Civic Resposibility Scores where Chinese world famous actress  Fan Bingbing, whom may have cheated on her taxes a little, goes missing… dead? Or worse?google_china.gif

6. Apple vastly operating in China. With employee suicide nets. On this side of the world these types of companies are calling for open borders, more immigration, and largely globalization and world government centralization. Not to forget funding and leading AI.Apple-China2.jpgapple-china.jpg

The AI war will come. Yes it must. Whether it comes a war of robots hunting robots for domination, or two competing supra states sparking a WWIII for AI geopolitical control, the battle has been borne in the minds of the populace and prepared for by the human players. That is the universal hypothesis, that something borne in the quantum mind will manifest in the physical when enough focused concentration has been exerted. Largely the true shot callers of the AI holocaust will be well underground in their prepared bunkers in places like New Zealand. HSC7.jpgThen they and their cybernetics will be the first ones above the smoldering ash surveying the damage. And cost.

However the trajectory once realized by the eternal human consciousnesshumconsc.jpg now can always be subject to change. As the vast human consciousness is all connected in one way. An idea originating in one human sentient, can be broadcast and test upon humankind consciousness and potentially believed to the point of changing world order. So the people may manifest their will, effectually changing the human trajectory, conspired even by a most powerful oligarchy. So the US President fights on for borders, for nationhood, for independence from the blob of eventual global conformity.  America First policy transmuting into protections for the people of his country while the fruits of nationalism and independence ignites abroad into a raging wildfire. The politically correct thought police are accelerated into overdrive, and the common man, even unbeknownst, fights against the machines. Rages against the machine.

Take the national truck driver. When his job becomes automated will he receive the vast profits from this technological break through? No his job will be forfeited so join the line. If you decide to take the free money, the government stipend or benefit, the national minimum income or what they call it, then you become the subservient. You accept your servitude. Nothing wrong with that however, fear not that which binds you or destroys your flesh, fear what takes your soul. So hopefully he makes it out of that one with his soul.

The AI War, ahh the granduer of what has been concocted by the powers that be, yet they’ve been at work more than a while. Will this be the war that eliminates a third of the population, much prophecy seems to think so.

The world must fight for truth. There is hope that we may fall together unto common ground. Believing in it is essential.

M. Alexandre


REPOST – Body Cameras Worn by Police Officers Are No ‘Safeguard of Truth,’ Experts Say By VIVIAN YEE and KIRK JOHNSON 11:30 AM (via NYTIMES NOW app)

Sorry, the The New York Times article i linked on Facebook was pulled from their main site for some reason; it still shows in a Google Search, but the link is broken. (i’m hoping it’s not because they fact checked it, and found out VIVIAN YEE & KIRK JOHNSON didn’t know what they were talking about). In an attempt to relay the information in the article, I cut and pasted from my NY Times Now App & re-posted it here:

I don’t know if i’m all for the Body Cameras, or not – it seems a little bit of over surveillance of the population to me – and we know how government likes to have cameras everywhere. I just know that we are going to have a different type of testimony in the future. It will be corrupted, because, government tends to corrupt things, but i suppose, at least for the most part – in the overall grand scheme of things – we can get around the he said she said.

i find it odd that a society that lies as much as ours does, is looking for truth in video. Don’t they know we’re really good at creating spin?

Body Cameras Worn by Police Officers Are No ‘Safeguard of Truth,’ Experts Say

11:30 AM

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This is an important episode regarding spying, Snowden and how the United States is Perceived by Spying on everyone – [Democracy Now! Audio]


Amy Goodwin, (whom I love to pieces,  BTW) interviews Glen Greenwald on the recent events regarding the United States Prism, and the Snowden Scandal.


I was going to cut this up,  especially presenting the statements in this episode by Manfred Max-Neef, a Chilean economist.

Democracy Now! 2013-08-05 Monday

Headlines for August 05, 2013

Greenwald: Snowden “Doing Very Well” in Russia After Sparking “Extraordinary Debate” on NSA, Spying

Greenwald: Is U.S. Exaggerating Threat to Embassies to Silence Critics of NSA Domestic Surveillance?

New Iranian President Calls for West to End Sanctions, Reduce “Antagonism and Aggression”

I decided that the whole episode needed a listening to. Check not out:


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