[part 1] Trump Turns The Lights On The Roaches

When you find one roach crawl in a hole, if you shine a bright light in the pit, you may find a plethora of roaches; all crawling about.
In a sense this is what the Donald Trump campaign has done to the New World Order.

The tentacles of the New World Order are in full display this election cycle. Much like the onslaught on Ron Paul during the 2012 run, and now even worse, the entire arm of the NWO is focused on the singular effort to destroy Donald Trump.

From trumped up charges on his campaign manager, to the most shockingly worse media coverage in the memory of my life, every apparatus of the system is attacking his effort to secure the nomination first, second possibly changing the world forever.

Realistically the list of machinations attacking Trump right now is to long to list, but a great example are the organizations funded by George Soros currently bringing mayhem and violence to protest but better riot, to end Trumps rallies.

We can now see the true identity of Fox News more clearer than ever. There media coverage has been the most negative of Donald Trump than all of the other major networks. This is suppose to be exactly the opposite. As the most conservative major network they should be supporting the conservative front runner and create a momentum that would completely sink the Democratic Party in the election.

Look at Ted Cruz. The Libertarian, Tea Party, Constitutional leaning-alls have always loved Cruz and his battle against the NSA. Though Infowarriors know because of his wife’s CFR connections and her co-authorship on documents relating the the sound of a North American Union, among other things working for Goldman Sachs, generally conspiracists were not all 100% of his good intentions.

His turncoat uniform has been placed on and the evidence is to great to weigh. From his initial praisal of TPP, his hiring of Neil Bush for his economic advisor, endorsement of Jeb Bush, attempted non disclosure of Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank donations, and a creepy video of Cruz sitting with Henry Kissinger giving him praise.
–By the standards the United States and the UN force on other people Henry Kissinger should be tired for War Crimes and hanged.–

Turncoat Ted I’ll call him. wearing the uniform of the Red Army now. Look how Obama lied his way into the office and proceeded to do the exact opposite of every thing he said. If Ted came into office the NWO would probably take us to war somehow. They hate his personality but he is Globalist blood and they will make him useful no matter how good he wants to look. I could imagine a hard fought war somewhere followed by a North American Union to strengthen the continent. I really have no Idea.

However, the way that Cruz uses the falsified news, and dirty tricks barraged at the Trump campaign, uses these to his own maximum political advantage no matter how false they may be, just shows he’s fighting the people.

For Liberty Trump has the best shot of getting elected and loosening the grip on the country to affect lasting change. There was Rand Paul, who maybe best for Liberty. But Trump is fighting the NWO better than Rand has ever done. without knowing it taking the momentum from Ron Paul, in his own reality with different views but with the same spirit of goodness and regard for the country, and for his family the trajectory of humanity.

So Liberty fights on with our billionaire champion who loves America. Who loses hundreds of millions of dollars to coup the executive branch from the CIA/Intelligence complex; Who have owned the White House since the JFK assassination, which Ron Paul equates a “CIA coup.”

So the system fights back in all of its evil glory.